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At Clear Channel's Integrated Media Department, I worked on a cluster of radio staion websites with as my main responsibility. Though we had a content management system, it could not handle the 'snazzy' pages that the promotions department and advertisers desired. Below are custom pages that were created outside of the CMS system. As time went on we gradually improved and transitioned to the Web 2.0 style and functionality.

FLASH Action Script 2.0

HOMECOMING PORTAL : I created the concept of using a high school and an animating year book for KIIS FM's Home Coming concert page. Turn your sound on (low volume) and roll over the artists at the top. The design was originally less cluttered, but due to it's popularity I was asked to squeeze in more and more functions. In hindsight, I would have kept the same concept but executed it differently - View

CUSTOM STICKER MAKER : I created an interactive Flash for a jock's fan club. Intended as a prototype, it was not refined in its design, but worked as planned - View


HOLIDAY TRIVIA QUIZ : A modified Flash trivia quiz that calls up some XML for the questions - View


AUSTRALIA: A simple page with a form and an embedded video - View

MARY J BLIGE: A graphicly intense page designed to showcase various artists' information. I had a co-worker help me find unusual facts about each artist. Featured Artists include Beyoncé, Smokey Robinson,   Marvin Gaye and more - View


FARMER JOHN'S : This page was a huge success for the client, generating over 700 opt-in entries on it's form. It also has a video embed. - View

inaugurationINAUGURATION: Promotions wanted a presidential looking page for Obama's inauguration. Here's what I made - View

macy'sMACY'S : This page starts to integrate some 2.0 funcionality with the scroller on the top right side of the page. - View

jillian michaelsJILLIAN MICHAELS: This page starts to use the layout and simple text designs found in 2.0 designs. A sales person and I thought to use the star of "Biggest Loser" since she did guest spots on one of our other stations - View

nassau bahamas logoBAHAMA'S : This page starts to integrate some 2.0 funcionality with the You Tube Embeds and the Flash audio playing for the official Bahama's Board of Tourism. - View


ed hardySLOT MUSIC: Slot Music wanted a presence on our sites. Our team came up with a portal that would feature their videos and the station's own exclusive video content. - View

holidayHOLIDAY PORTAL: Every year we had an influx of advertisers around the holidays. Our team came up with the idea of a "mini-mall" portal that would have content and advertisements - View

voteVOTE!: We felt it was important that our listeners had the chance to register to vote in the historic election of 2008. I made a mini-logo and this voter registration page - View

vicncenteFAMILIA DAY: For the Familia fan club station event. Text based pages help with search engines and offer a more more direct, informative approach. I also added a widget that allows users to link pages to their social networks. - View

graphsGRAPHS and INFO: Here's a page were I used graphs and tables to convey a lot of financial information. - View


easter bunnyEASTER EGG HUNT: A landing page for an online Easter Egg hunt, incorporating some Flash animation at the bottom. - View

lionel richieDONATE LIFE: Here's a mini portal using iframes to display a lot of celebrity information and audio. - View

mapGAS FINDER API: Here's a page were I used a Google API to help people find cheap gas in their area. - View

time killerGAMES PAGE: Here are some old school javascripts that I manipulated to add games on a page - View

textingVEHICLE Wrap 1: This should really be under my graphics page, but I wanted to show how we did more than just web pages at the Integrated media Department of Clear Channel - View

kbigVEHICLE Wrap 2: Another vehicle wrap that promoted the station and had some client branding included. I have several others, when i find them I will post them. - View

beverly hills pyshiciansBEVERLY HILLS PHYSICIANS: A comp for I created for an Eyeblaster campaign for Beverly Hills Physicians. (The large bottom part only shows when leaderboard section is activated). An optimized version ran on our radio station's websites - View

marquezGOLDEN BOY: Once another member of the team introduced our scratch and wins, they were a huge success. Here is a functioning example (go ahead, give 'em a "rub" with your mouse) - View