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More Web Design Samples: (Note: We apologize, but these links are old and many do not work any more. Please visit our sister site - Digital Makeovers for web design services. Mention us and get 15% off of their prices for the inconvenience!)

slot musicSLOT MUSIC: A simply branded web 1.0 version of the Slot Music page with embedded video. Be sure to view the improve 2.0 version (below) as well.- View

victor zaragozaBIG GAME: Many pages had to be done quickly within an hour or so. Here is an example of one of many simple pages- View

text for foodMINI LOGOS: With the workload and tight deadlines, we often only had time to give the pages a feel by creating "mini-logos". Here is an example of one for a Text for Food campaign - View

Love AffairLOVE AFFAIR: Here's a mini portal with a Flash splash page. I used sound to get people to feel nostalgic right away - View


CVS WickedCVS : This page starts to use the layout and simple text designs found in 2.0 designs. The Wicked Giveaway was so effective that CVS decided to run another campaign in the same manner -
View 1 - View 2

JamaicaJAMAICA : Though admittedly cluttered now, this page started out very clean and spacious. Unfortunately the more our client's like a page, the more they want to add to it. With new 2.0 CSS techniques, this page could look much better - View


whole foodsWHOLE FOODS: We showed how we could brand Whole Foods subtley, by having them sponsor wine tasting events- View

24 724-7: At a meeting I suggested a weekend portal for our sagging weekend views. It would have all the hottest local events and dining. It was later expanded into an online "magazine" and became it's own entity within our department. They even hired a own content manager and writer just for it. Here is a mock up showing a client how we'd integrate them into the 24-7 portal - View

Ralph'sRALPH'S: Various concept mock ups for one of our advertisers. We made a page that was holiday ortiented, one contest stand alone and integration examples with our site'-s video player
View 1 - View 2 - View 3

Dr. Carson LiuDr. Carson Liu: Here is a mock-up that myself and a sales person conceptualized to drum up business. - View

9 to 59 to 5: Here is a functioning example (there are more examples here) for the stage version of the movie "9 to 5: The Musical " - View



back to schoolBACK TO SCHOOL: Our team came up with the concept for a back to school sales portal. Here's my page concept - View

susan g. komen for the cureSUSAN G. KOMEN: A sales person and myself came up with the concept for a private concert to raise awareness - View

8th continent8TH CONTINENT: A contest concept and graphic intense mock up. - View